RUN! It's a guy in a rubber suit!

Massive thanks to every artist who was involved in the 24 Hour MONSTERS! charity event in March 2010 and to everyone who supported the project, either through raising its profile, donating money, purchasing the artwork or simply by being around to chat through the wee small hours.

We raised in excess of £350 for Comic Relief which is good news for everybody!

Stay tuned for details of 24 Hour MONSTERS 2012, which will be a much bigger deal. Looking at getting some big names involved, as well as promoting much better through advertising and press releases. It's going to be as big as we can make it, but it depends on the help we can get! Artists, journalists and volunteers, you can register your interest by e-mailing jamie@jam-wah.com now and the project will take shape over the next couple of months or so.

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  1. Best of luck, Monster artists. I look forward to pinning a Monster on my wall!