Thursday, 31 January 2013

Timebadger up for pre-order!

That's right, dudes. If a mere 25 of you pre-order my toy Timebadger, he will officially go into production! You can order him in colour or plain white (for those of you who enjoy customising your toys) and a 3D printed figure will be sent to you along with a little something extra, exclusively for the pre-order crowd. This will likely be a badger sketch from yours truly!

To say I'm excited about this is an understatement. I'm a toy freak. One of my all-time goals in my career has been to have a toy made of one of my characters, so the fact that if Timebadger goes ahead, his companion Convenient Steven and arch-nemesis Foxton J Culworthy may well be next on the production line is enough to make my head pop.

Now, I know what you're saying (weird, eh?): "Oh, there's only a picture of the character, how do we know what the toy looks like?" Well, I flatter myself that the way I've rendered the character is pretty close to a 3D model and Shouldbee (the manufacturer) have a damn good track record of making the toy look very, very close to the artwork (in many cases, much better than the artwork). In fact, they've made toys for Paradox Interactive (The company behind such games as Magicka, War of the Roses etc.), Ace Team (Zeno Clash) as well as Gaslamp Games (Dungeons of Dredmor) and many other partners. You can check out their production portal here:

So rest assured, you will receive the design on the pre-order page.

If this toy doesn't meet your cute threshold (and how could that be? He's adorable), then be sure to share this link and help me to get the necessary 25 pre-orders so Timebadger can also be made into a PLUSHIE! Yep! A cuddly, time-travelling badger. This will only happen if the initial toy receives 25 pre-orders before February 28th, so don't hang around.

All the details are on the Shouldbee site, just follow the link! You can pay using credit card (you will only be charged if the toy goes into production) or PayPal (e-mail for details).

So do yourself (and me) a favour and purchase a small toy badger. It'll make your day.

Awww, lookedim! Couldn't you just see him on your shelf?

Foxton - the next Timebadger toy?

Or could Convenient Steven be next...?

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