Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tarzan got out of hand

The downside to working almost exclusively digitally is that sometimes my mouse's batteries die and I have to wait a while as they recharge, stopping my workflow for a couple of hours. (Yeah, I could charge them overnight but if something went wrong and the plug exploded and my flat burned down as I slept in it... well, where would we all be then? Eh?) 

Today, as I was waiting for said event to conclude and Crocodile Dundee was on TV, I started sketching Tarzan based on the fact that one of the characters in the film said the name. I only had a cheap biro and copy paper to hand, but that's sometimes a lot more conducive to quality work (less pressure to get it right, I suppose).

Added some quick colours in Photoshop, ate a pizza and voila! Tarzan!

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