Saturday, 3 November 2012

Best week of my life!

This is not a particularly productive blog post, but I rarely make a song and dance about how excited I am.

On Friday 26th October, I participated in a live drawing session in Manchester's Soup Kitchen to benefit Movember. It was about raising awareness rather than money, and to direct people to Gallery Of Mo, a website where you can get a moustachioed portrait of yourself in return for a donation to help fight pancreatic cancer. What a good deal.

For myself, it was a bit of a departure! As I'm sure you have noticed, most of my work is digital in nature and here I was (along with a bunch of insanely talented artists such as Chris Howker, Craig Knowles, Emma Reynolds, Eight Bit, Pete Obsolete and Oliver Lancaster Smith) drawing marker portraits of people right in front of them!

Frankly, it was more than a little nerve-wracking, but totally worthwhile and great fun. I even got to draw Olympic taekwondo bronze medallist Lutalo Muhammad and grime/rap artist Blizzard. Plus, free bar (always good for a starving but beer-loving illustrator).

How to follow that?

Well, how about a trip to That London to deliver my Polyphonic Spree posters for their Halloween gig?

The show was incredible, with a reduced-in-number but still energetic and optimism-charged Spree belting out two sets, one Rocky Horror, one Polyphonic Spree (and The Who). Ticker tape cannons, huge cobwebs, glitter rockets, Light To Follow (one of my all-time favourite songs)... immense. What might have pushed it over the edge was that I had an Access All Areas pass, which meant I had a beer with the band in the green room and later, following a (very) rapid period of reportage sketches, I met Tim DeLaughter and Buffi Jacobs from the band and handed them their sketchy likenesses as (possibly backhanded owing to the quality of my linework) thank yous.

There were a few posters remaining from the gig, which I'll be putting up for sale either here or maybe on a bigcartel site just as soon as I can figure out postage costs and get some poster tubes big enough.

In the meantime, you can pick up the live recording from the gig here: if you want. Yep, I can add Spree CD cover art to my CV, too!

Here endeth the self-indulgence.

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