Friday, 5 October 2012

Upcoming events


If you find yourself in Manchester between the 12th and 21st of October, why not pop to the Cornerhouse on Oxford Road and get your portrait drawn in the Sketch-O-Matic? The details are all there in the link, but the basics idea is that it's like a photo booth with an artist instead of a camera. Dozens of artists are doing one-hour shifts (mine is Oct 15th, 4-5pm). Obviously, I won't have time to do vectors, so it'll be markers and other pen-shaped tools. Should be a larf!


I'm one of many artists contributing to Gallery of Mo next month. In addition to growing a sure-to-be enviable moustache on my unenviable face, I'll be drawing portraits to order throughout the whole of November. Sorry, Movember. This will be in my vector style and because it's for charity, each of my portraits will be £20. Be ready when the site starts taking orders and I'll draw an angular version of you with a hairy lip.

Hopefully, it'll be more accurate than my portrait of Bob Mould, iconic member of Hüsker Dü, influence on the grunge scene and currently ripping up the airwaves with his amazing song The Descent. Sorry Bob, you deserve better than this...


Disclaimer: I don't have any Bob Mould tracks, so the music on the video is provided by the equally amazing Weather.

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