Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Three more portraits

Three portraits, three different approaches, although it may not look like it.

First is a simple, cartoony affair (appropriately enough given that the subject is a cartoon character). Here, I really tried to go back to the minimalism I originally used on the Chad Kroeger and George Lucas portraits which I guess is easier given that I'm not necessarily concerning myself with a likeness.

Next, I allowed myself the luxury of curved lines for a change. This is the first female portrait in this style, which I haven't exactly been looking forward to as this style works best with strong, preferably exaggerated features. Well known women on the whole tend to be less exaggerated than men in terms of basic stuff like nose length, brow size, etc. Some (a lot of) men are the same, actually, but I don't mind playing up men's cartoonish (ugly) features, plus they sometimes have beards which can help. I feel guilty making women look like Transformers (yes, I'm from the 1950s with my gentlemanly ways).

Anyway, I attempted to draw Lauren Laverne. It proved difficult, and maybe I went too far again into details. I asked for people to guess who it was and nobody got it...

Lastly, a return to the style developed over the past few weeks. Part of the rock frontmen series. I found this one incredibly easy to do, and I hope it's obvious who it is supposed to be. If not, maybe I'll go eat a wall or something.

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