Thursday, 4 October 2012

Portrait and process

It's past 2am which is quite late for me these days, being an old man, so I'll keep this brief.

Despite deciding yesterday to finish my Rock Frontmen series with Josh Homme, I made another one. Someone on Twitter asked me about my artistic process, which led me to have a go at livestreaming. Naturally, I went with a portrait as it's been my thing recently and as I was listening to Incubus' Light Grenades (mint album), I decided on their singer Brandon Boyd as my subject.

While the resemblance may be debatable, I hope at least that it's a decent image and that the video (reduced from 1 hour 40 mins to just over 12 mins for the sake of your sanity) gives you some insight into how I work. You may be surprised to note there's no sketching at all. You may not. You may be a bison. If so, fair play to you for navigating the internet to this point.

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