Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Polyphonic Spree poster

Just been given the go ahead to show this, so here's the first look at my gig poster for The Polyphonic Spree's show in London on October 31st (that's Halloween, in case you hadn't noticed)! Now, unless I'm very much mistaken, this will be the band's first appearance in the UK since 2007 and as they're one of my favourite bands of all time and yet fate has never allowed me to see them live (many near misses, though), the fact that I'm going to be at their show along with 100 prints of this poster (all signed and numbered) is... well, it's all I can do not to explode.

I strongly suggest you come along. Some Rocky Horror Show tunes, some Spree originals, fancy dress, shenanigans, art, wildebeest (okay, maybe not wildebeest)... you'd be mad to miss it.


  1. How can I get one of these posters????? I just go the cd in the mail, it is AMAZING!

    1. Hey hey! I was stupid enough to forget to pick up a CD at the gig, but they looked nice!

      You can order one of the remaining posters here: http://jamwah.bigcartel.com/product/polyphonic-spree-rocky-horror-gig-poster

    2. Thanks man! I will order one on payday! : )