Friday, 14 September 2012

Too far?

Not in terms of subject matter, but I'm comparing this to the Chad Kroeger illustration I did which started this whole portrait spree I've been on recently and it's gone from a pretty quick and very geometric approach to (what seems to me) a more accurate representation of the subject. It could be that I'm a perfectionist, or that because I'm submitting a lot of these portraits as portfolio pieces to publishers and whatnot but as per usual, the initial idea and the charm that goes with it has developed into something else.

It could also be artistic growth, I guess! Frankly, not every person's face lends itself to caricature (as I found out to my disappointment with my awful attempt at Ainsley Harriott) and some require more attention to detail. Whatever the reason and whatever the resulting style, it's a positive step in that I couldn't draw a recognisable caricature to save my life last year, so that's good.

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