Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ultra-Bionic Wonder Sheep

Currently in the hands of the Phoenix Comic's submissions people, my comic strip The Ultra-Bionic Wonder Sheep is something pretty close to my heart. I'm not going to show the  strip I submitted in case that breaks some rules but I'll give you a little glimpse into how it all came together.

Back in the days when I didn't judge myself with every pencil line and brush stroke, I used to draw comic strips for fun. Very quick jobs, with minimal attention but always with a view to showing somebody and making them laugh. My sister once suggested the name Ultra-Bionic Wonder Sheep and I drew this.

The dialogue makes no sense... Ah, well.

This super-heroic sheep developed a bit as I found myself wanting to tell more stories (most of which ended up unfinished, but I was nine years old).

At one stage, I had artistic and writing assistance from my friends and family, who contributed to the world of UBWS, as it became known, adding amusing characters and great jokes. For my part, I believe I got into Marvel Comics at the time and as a result, most of my newly created characters were very thinly veiled pastiches of Marvel's superheroes. Take a look at 'Juggersheep' and 'Sandsheep' from the UBWS Photo Album below...

Somehow, I never made it a priority to develop as an adult. Part of that it that, clearly, he didn't look like a sheep and the design would need to be changed, which could have removed the charm. It also had something to do with the later strips being purely 90s-style dark and gritty action, which was as far from the original premise as I am from being a nun.

Recently, I figured it needed a makeover and a new approach. Gone are the one-eyed, pincer-handed rip-offs of old, replaced by non-litigious characters called Chops Hauser and Lambdalf (original names: Superstrongsheep and Sheep Wizard). Hopefully, it'll be a success. It would literally make my childhood dreams come true!

Oh, go on then, here's the Ultra-Bionic Wonder Sheep's redesign...

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