Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Now go away

Did you watch A Touch of Cloth?

Well, you should have. It was a superb spoof of the police procedural genre, with jokes coming so fast and so frequently that it made me not mind having not seen anything really very funny on TV all year. I thoroughly recommend you catch up with the two episodes shown so far and make time for the rest. Finally, a comedy has dispensed with the studio format/fake documentary format and understood that the actors being entirely deadpan is what makes it work. The co-writer is one Charlie Brooker, who is something of a personal hero in that he often speaks my mind via TV and print, in an amusing yet eloquent way, without actually knowing what I was going to say. He's not even psychic.

Or maybe he is. After all, I drew his face with my computer. It might not be exactly right, but then neither is the version I carved into my wall, nor the one made out of mashed potato which is currently home to a family of flies.


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