Monday, 6 August 2012

Doing a good thing!

Remember last year? Sure you do! It was the year Michael Bay ruined Laserbeak. There ya go, I knew you'd get it eventually. Well, there was a charity event last March which I set up in aid of Comic Relief. 24hr MONSTERS! was an art auction and online live drawing marathon, with a monster theme (obviously). It raised enough money that it was worth doing, but kinda fell down on the organisational side of things. Mea culpa.

But a good thing is a good thing and you can't keep a fun time confined for long (seriously, these phrases are becoming more and more nonsensical). So here's the deal:

2012 is also 24hr MONSTERS!, but with a different approach. This time, we pick a date and from midnight to midnight (or if that's crazy, then we'll re-arrange the time) in whichever timezone of that day, we hold art events. Everywhere. And although monsters can be the theme, it doesn't have to be. Let's say that we're the monsters, raising a monstrous amount of money for a good cause! (Monsters will be abundant, though!)

Also, to some degree I'm relinquishing control of the event and removing the previous restrictions of how to contribute. I'm open to ideas from interested parties.


Firstly, I'm taking suggestions for a nominated charity for whom we are to raise the money. If there's a charity close to your heart, by all means let me know and send a link to their site (if applicable). I'll put all of the suggestions up for a public vote so it's a fair process.


Right. Here it is. 24hr MONSTERS! 2012 is going to be a multi-disciplinary event, so artists from all walks of life are wanted, nay, needed.
  • Traditional
  • Digital
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Performance
You want to stream creation of a piece (or pieces) of art online, that's cool! If you want to write a song and put it online for download, great! You're holding a street art workshop? Woohoo! Just make sure there's a way of collecting donations, and document it with photos, video, whatever!


While it would be a lovely spike in views for me, I don't think my art site is the best place to use as a hub for the event. What we need is a proper site, however basic, with all of the following:
  • Information on the event as a whole and the various separate events which are taking place as a part of it.
  • Contact info/press packs.
  • Links to contributing artists.
  • A donation button (or link to a justgiving page or similar - this is subject to a check on the ethics of using a donation button).
  • Preferably an integrated Twitter feed, Facebook 'Like' and maybe comment thread.
This isn't an exhaustive list. I'm sure there are other major things to be added. Anyone willing to help with the website must understand that there's no pay involved (as with all of the contributions) so simple is good, as long as it works and looks awesome.


This is something anybody can help with and it would be the greatest help! We need:
  • Tweets, Likes, Shares, blog posts, shouting from rooftops, flash mobs (once we get the site set up, of course).
  • Interviews with contributors (so if you can get us in the media, go for it!)
  • I'd like to do a Kickstarter-style video promo to kick things off, all flashy-like and with a crazy edge. So, video editors/artists... yeah?
  • Ideas! Seriously, if you have an idea to promote the event, I'm all ears!

Guess what? I'm not a lawyer. Nor an accountant. Nor am I a blunderbuss, but that's another story. Look, I don't forsee any legal problems, but it would be very handy for someone with legal knowledge to be around for advice on tax, shipping costs, PayPal fees etc.


Like I said, I'm relinquishing some control, but some stuff has to stay with me. I want this to work like the Olympics BBC TV coverage (timely reference, yet loaded with pretention!) in that ideally, I'd like to have the website work as a central hub with a schedule for the day set out (with links and info as to whether an event is in your area). For example, if somebody is running a monster masks workshop in London, the site would have a link to the organiser's site and the time/location of the workshop. Think of it like a What's On.

I want artists to have fun! I want viewers, customers, players, listeners and everyone involved to have fun, too. Above all, I want to raise a crapload of money for a worthy cause. It wouldn't hurt if we could nab some big names and publicity along the way. I'm thinking thousands rather than hundreds.

Ground rules may have to be set, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Obviously, there'll be a logistical maze to navigate to make sure that all the donations go to the correct place, all art purchased gets to the buyer, etc. I'll take on that task, but I would certainly appreciate assistance!


E-mail and title it '24hr MONSTERS!' (Oh god, the spam I've just invited...) to register your interest and let me know what kind of thing you'd like to do to help out.

You can nominate a charity we'll be representing in the comments below. I'll collate the results and create a poll by the end of August.

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