Friday, 17 August 2012

24hr MONSTERS! - development and changes

An update on 24hr MONSTERS! 2012

It was pointed out to me last night that the event would gather more momentum if I had already nominated a charity and provided some structure in the first place. I totally agree. There have a been a few people commit to being involved, a few maybes but a majority of silence. This was entirely my fault, and for the time being I'm going to make some changes to get things moving.

Firstly, the nominated charity. I've had a small number of suggestions, for which I'm grateful. I wanted the decision to be a democratic process, and after announcing that, I can't very well now pluck a charity out of thin air and say "We're raising money for 'xyz'". It's a sensitive subject and I'd like to be able to resolve it quickly, so we can get the charity in place very soon. So, if you nominated a charity or charities... I don't want to dismiss any of your suggestions, but maybe between us we can agree on one and then announce that one?

Secondly, the date. I'm now thinking that anybody getting involved would prefer a decent notice period. So, the date is Saturday, October 27th.

Thirdly, the structure of contributions. I'm using Kickstarter's tiered pledge system as a basis, so the tiers are as follows:

  • HATCHLING - shares on social media sites, spreading the word and referring sponsors to the site (when it's up and running)
  • STOMPER - a donation of monster art, any media. The art will be auctioned (or sold) online on Oct 27th. A mention on the artist's site would also help
  • FIRE BREATHER - Same as STOMPER, except with the creation of the art occurring on October 27th, streamed live online. Please give advance notice of the time you intend to stream the process
  • ZILLA - attendance of the event to be held in Manchester on Oct 27th, helping to run workshops, providing entertainment or live drawing. This tier would also include anyone who would want to go above and beyond the call of duty and hold their own event
  • MATTHEW BRODERICK - anybody who opposes this event

More ideas and suggestions have been made recently:

Monster Picture Consequences (Exquisite Corpse), Monster Prints on Demand, Monster Molding, Monster Mask Making, Monster Movie Screening (maybe a double-bill), Monster Cake Making, live band in the evening, Monster Mural, Monster Puppet Making.

I'd also like to apologise to the artists I e-mailed out of the blue with a standard and impersonal invitation. I would have dearly loved to make a personal appeal to each of you, and now that there's an extra month to set up, I hope to do just that. There was just so many of you! So yeah, I'm gonna bug you all again, be prepared...

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