Saturday, 11 February 2012

24hr MONSTERS! 2012 - early days

You know how charity events usually seem to be well handled, organised in advance and with a strong sense of how to get publicity and how to get the donations to the right place? Well, here's a confession. Last year, 24hr MONSTERS! was organised as a last minute venture, with a legion of comic book artists being hurriedly contacted and a lot of trying to figure out selling on eBay.

However, that doesn't mean that the event wasn't a success. We raised over £350 for Comic Relief, which is great! It was also a great learning experience and a lot of fun, to boot.

What would be ideal for the second event (this is hopefully going to become a tradition)? A more calculated approach, more promotion and crucially, the artists and contributors should feel that the money raised matched their generosity. The total raised was nothing to be sniffed at, but some of the artists involved saw their art go for a lot less than it should have. This is one area which can be worked on.


We need:

  • ARTISTS -- cartoonists, painters, graphic designers, model makers, photographers, textile artists, radical left field creators of all types and abilities.
  • VOLUNTEERS -- fundraisers, media savvy promotion machines, copywriters, social media experts, web designers and developers, street teams.
  • IDEAS! -- Last year was a 24hr online art marathon and a 10 day auction. This year could be more! Your suggestions could change everything, so get them in here quick!
At this stage, nothing is totally finalised. It's likely that the theme will still be monster art (although the name 24hrMONSTERS! could apply to the people involved, so even that isn't concrete), and obviously the event will be 24hrs long. Let's consider maybe a physical presence in addition to online. How about a dedicated Twitter feed? Is eBay the best option for selling the artwork? All suggestions are welcome at this point! In fact, maybe a 24hrMONSTERS! Brain Trust is in order...

So watch this space, and e-mail with your ideas, art submissions and any offer of assistance!


  1. When is it Jamie? Could you tie it into a con - hire a table so that potential buyers could see the Monsters being drawn, with a live auction at the end of the last day? eBay could either have the leftover art, or some items kept especially aside for online sales.
    Bristol's in mid-May - does that fit in with Comic Relief?

    Best wishes

    Chris Lewis

  2. Even the date is undecided as yet. I do like the idea of doing it live at a con, in fact one idea was to do 24 Minute MONSTERS! whereby I'd invite artists to spend 24 mins drawing a monster to either sell on the day or add to auction.

    There are all kinds of avenues I'd like to explore. Not sure it'll definitely be for Comic Relief, by the way. Maybe a more focused or local charity?