Sunday, 4 December 2011

We Have A Pope And A Turnip

The intro to this blog entry is sponsored by The Spin Doctors.

Hooo, where to start? How about with the fact that I rather stupidly let somebody take a good chunk of my income out of the ATM by walking away and leaving it beeping, leaving me with a deficit just before the festive season? Gah! Hence, I am kinda wanting some pre-Christmas commissions to come my way. If you want some original art for yourself or as a gift, get in touch via the contact page. You would pretty much save me.

Anyway, being the kind of chap who looks on the bright side of life these days, productivity hasn't suffered a jot. In fact, today I put together a movie poster for my portfolio. For once, based on a real (current) movie rather than some fake schlock horror beast from my brain, I checked the local listings and saw a movie called We Have a Pope. To me, it sounds like a Catholic Church version of The King's Speech, but that's beside the point. I thought "Pope... Vatican... iconic stuff" and started sketching. There was a version with cardinals and stuff, but it looked too silly.

Bear in mind, this isn't me trying to get movie poster work, rather editorial illustration work. Went with rough brushes and strayed from my ultra-clean style.

Popey McCloud

As a bonus, here are some warm-up sketches from today and yesterday. Quality's not amazing as they're all mobile phone photos, but I don't care.

Angst Grrrl (quick sketch on Saturday) 
Marc Ellerby's Chloe Noonan

Turny Peter, the Turnip Eater

Turny Peter colours

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