Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stag and Demon Week

How are things? I haven't seen you much this week, have I? Is your mum okay? You'll have to tell me all about Jordan's first day at school. Oh, sorry! Come on in, out of the rain.

Can I get your coat?


Just make yourself at home. I've left a couple of illustrations on the table; just put them anywhere.

What? Yeah, one's a stag. Dunno, I just felt like it. Looking to try new stuff, new techniques and all that.

No, it's a demon. Nothing like a dog, what are you on about? It's got a forked tail and tongue. Tongue. TONGUE. Never mind. Well then, you're not getting a t-shirt of it. No, no. Too late now. In fact, here's your tea!

Oh, I'm sorry. Did it stain your trousers? Mwahahahahaaaaa! NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

The nerve...

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