Friday, 18 November 2011

Thought Bubble 2011

Here's the deal:

Tomorrow and Sunday (19th and 20th November), I'll be looking all sexy-like at Table 10 in Royal Armouries Hall, showing off my wares at the 5th annual Thought Bubble comics festival in Leeds. It's a great con, although 'con' doesn't really feel like the right term. It's a friendly, interactive, educational and above all else, FUN festival of all things comics.

There are some amazing guests: Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, David Aja, Gail Simone, Cameron Stewart among the internationals hitting Yorkshire, joining homegrown talent like the Etherington Brothers, Mick McMahon (EEEE!), Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Adam Cadwell and Kayla Hillier (she's Canadian, but she lives here so it counts) and many many more.

On Table 10, in addition to myself there will be a bevy of creative talent, probably rotating as numb bum syndrome dictates. Dan Hill, writer extraordinaire will be publicising The Adventures of Sir Harry Chiselton; Gav Heryng and Gary Heaney will also be showing their artistic prowess to all and sundry. Good mates, all.

Our mutual pals and all-round good eggs, Grant and Eva Perkins, will be attending but not on our table (too good for us, you see...) so say hello to them, too. You won't be able to miss them, they'll be the ones who chloroform you and let you wake up with a missing kidney and a copy of Spirit of Hope in your hand.

I may as well put up my price list here for all you tech-savvy folk.
  • Sketch card (black and white) - £5
  • Sketch card (colour) - £8
  • Bean Man (pencil sketch plus digital file via e-mail/bluetooth) - £10
  • Geo portraits (pencil sketch plus digital file via e-mail/bluetooth) - £20
  • A3 prints (Dead World/Death Spore/No Shit Sherlock/Where the Dead Dwell) - £8
  • Hex Heroes poster (A2) - £15
And remember, you bring me an egg nog latte from Starbucks and I will propose to you. I will not marry you however, unless I really want to.

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