Monday, 21 November 2011

Return of the Mack

Back from Thought Bubble/TB/Tho Bubs and I would have to place it right up there with one of my all-time weekends. So what if it I spent all my money, got ill after eating fried fish, slept for only six hours over two nights and came home with a good portion of the stock I arrived with? It was an amazing time because of friends, fellow creators, fans (yeah! I have fans!), coffee, beer, rum, roller girls, dancing, The A-Team, aloo potatoes, small press and the irresistible urge to yell "SHOOT HER!", "I know you didn't!" and "Mmmmmolten lava!" over and over again.

Awesome Merchandise, to whom I declared my undying love last week, came through again on two levels. Firstly, by printing my posters to an appropriately awesome standard and secondly by being cool enough to stay behind a short while after closing at the end of their week so I could pick up said posters (me having turned up 35 minutes late because of traffic). All round ace people Mike Bunt and his good lady Kaytie Picklechops put up with our bloke musk in their flat for the weekend, so big thanks to them too. Sharktopus and a pizza called 'Yam Yam Bear' were the pre-cursor to a Friday night of ill-advised debauchery, ending four hours before we had to get ready to leave for the con.

The con itself was a learning experience. Four creators sharing one table is not practical. Next time, I'm going solo despite the additional cost. It was brilliant to share with Gary, Dan and Gav as we had a real laugh, but I think the jumble sale-esque appearance of our table let us down somewhat and I suppose having fun is kinda only part of the gig. Sales are a big part too. I also learned the importance of a speedy commission. Grant Perkins, our good mate, was pumping out five minute marker sketches and they were looking great. My first commission took two hours! Vector work is s-l-o-w, so maybe a 'sketch now, vector later' deal could be the way forward.

Sketchington Cardbury

The mid-con party was... yeah. I was drunk and dancing again. Kieron Gillen played Reel2Real and made my decade.

Morning set-up
Sunday morning, bright and early and hungover and caffeine-fuelled.

This is the first year Thought Bubble has hosted a two-day convention and the Sunday was pretty quiet possibly owing to the broken cash machine which was, for many people, the only convenient place to get their spends for the second day, but it allowed me to have a wander around Saville's Hall and speak to Adam Cadwell, Kayla Hillier and Marc Ellerby. Picked up their The Everyday, Galavant and Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter respectively. Missed Jonathan Edwards, though. Sods.

Also sods is the fact that two of my biggest inspirations were there and I missed both of them! Olly Moss and Mick McMahon just managed to be somewhere I wasn't for the whole weekend. Maybe it's for the best, as I'd have probably turned into a raving mad goblin creature and lost all of my professional demeanor (ha!).

Quicker than vectors, but I couldn't Ctrl+Z the jaundiced thumbs...

Anyway, I got to practice new styles, rid myself of a few of my comics, draw Juggernaut for a kid called Logan (which seemed entirely apt) and speak at length to a lovely lady whose name I stupidly forgot to ask although she both bought a print from me and was one of the organisers of the Glasgow Comic Con in July this year. Cool beans!

All hail Gary Heaney, king of the dance floor.

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