Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's a life-changing clearout with the Dandy Warhols part one!

This entry has nothing to do with the Dandy Warhols. I was merely indulging my penchant for combining sentences with song titles.

Anyhoo... you may have noticed that I occasionally lapse into comic book mode. I have long periods of having nothing to do with them, and then I blog about the state of the industry. Accepting the fact that I'm hardly in a position to change anything about distribution models or widespread acceptance of non-superhero comics has made me step back and consider a future with no comic book stuff at all. The trouble is that every so often, something drags me in. It could be that I have a spare 30 minutes and re-read an old Joe Kelly Deadpool issue, which eventually snowballs into a reading frenzy and a desire to create a comedy superhero book.

That ends now. No more distractions.

Another motivating factor is that my flat, which doubles as my studio and trebles as my office, sadly also quadruples as the perfect illustration of a manchild's lair. Picture the apartment in The 40-Year Old Virgin, minus... well, most of the stuff... but there's still a proliferation of comic books, graphic novels, DVDs and games consoles which I never use. If all of this stuff served any other purpose than nostalgia, I'd keep the lot. As it is, I'm getting rid of everything.

Literally, all of it.

I'm unsure how it's going to work, as there are well over 1000 comics in various states of disrepair. A few complete runs/sets but mostly partial collections. Ebay is an option, but as well as letting my childhood go for £2.67, there would be many trips to the Post Office in my future. What I might do is offer the most attractive packages on this blog and throw in a commission as a sweetener. What I will certainly be doing is taking a ton of comics to Oxfam Books and also offering some to doctors' surgeries, dentists' practices and the like for use in waiting rooms.

So, before I complete the inventory (a thankless task which is removing my sanity, brain cell by dolphin), I'm offering the chance now for anybody who may be missing a vital issue of an out-of-print run to come forward. I might just have it. You might get it for free. If you commission me to draw something for you, I'll throw in a comic too.

Lastly, a PAL Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and a Nintendo 64 plus games are also up for grabs.

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