Saturday, 1 October 2011

Now I have a machine gun

Feedback to the previous post was mostly muted, with the odd Marlon Brando comment thrown in. As it turns out, the portrait was of just some bloke, not Bruce Willis. That's not going to get me anywhere if I'm trying to represent real people, now is it?

Fortunately, when I was eating a sandwich yesterday I started drawing John McClane again, from memory and with a ballpoint pen on the back of a piece of scrap paper. I suppose it's ironic that when I was hardly trying, I came up with something far more successful than when I had tons of research, tools and techniques to hand. Far more successful? Well, I guess that's for others to say (again). I wait with baited breath for the reaction.

For the record, I re-pencilled the image, scanned it and vectored the piece, adding a Beretta 92fs which was a bit of a nightmare to put together and isn't 100% accurate, but then neither is Bruce, probably. Two versions, one more closely cropped focusing on McClane and one playing with guns.

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