Monday, 12 September 2011


Before I started Bames Jond I was putting together a plan for a very different webcomic. I still may do this, as it's based on a whole bunch of characters my brother Ben and I created when we were kids and it was by far the most anarchic, ridiculous and violent thing I've ever done. Back then, it was called The Smellball Comic and it was very much like The Beano or The Dandy or Whizzer and Chips, but with a great deal of death and mutilation. Recently, I chose the name Norkons which was the town the characters all lived in, as it allowed for Smellball himself to not have to be the focus.

Here is the first test strip I did. It's a bit rough as I was experimenting with a way to retain the childlike style but using digital tools. If I go ahead with the project long-term, I think it'll be pencilled and inked traditionally as I don't particularly like the result of this strip.

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