Sunday, 4 September 2011

2000AD Covered


Recently, I had a job which was a 'drop everything' deal, hence my lessened activity around these parts. I had to be all mysterious about it, but apparently it's now been announced so here goes...

I just got gosh-darned published by 2000AD. After a fashion, at least. Basically, my frequent collaborator Grant Perkins contacted me with an offer I couldn't refuse. Rebellion wanted us to work for them. "I refuse!" said I (as if). It's a cover to a collection of Future Shocks stories by such comics legends as Grant Morrison, Kevin O'Neill, Brian Bolland, Steve Moore and... well, you can see in the image with your eyes.

Grant provided the pencils and the muscle, I provided the colours and the dance moves.

In the immortal words of TimeLife, "you can't buy it in the shops". Only 2000AD subscribers get a copy, so it's an investment on your part if you go for it, but you get some fine comics and when I die spectacularly at the hands of a Nazi shark while heroically defending the realm, it might be worth something.

Looky looky, senator! Mesa logo is on 2000AD cover. Is all bombad!

Scan is from 2000AD Prog 1750 (on sale 7th Sept) - provided by Pete Wells

I'm going to check whether it's cool to show the various stages of the creation process in a future blog entry for anyone who's interested.

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