Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yippee-ki-yay, Muddy Funsters!

Forgive me, dear internet, for I have been absent owing to a nasty bout of the pox. Fortunately, the engraver hadn't started on my tombstone before I took a turn for the wurst (German meat markets always bring me around when I'm ill), so I return with new art!

Typically for me, rather than follow my previous path I've decided I need a better portfolio for spot illustration work. I'm a geek ("NO!" I hear you say; it's true, my friends) so I'm shooting for pop culture mags and the like. Iconic movie moments are a good place to start. So I didn't.

Instead, I tried to use a hybrid of my geometric style and my hand-drawn, more representative approach  to recreate that image of Bruce Willis that he seems to pull off in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE HE MAKES. You know the one. He's holding a gun, stalking a bad guy or stealthily moving down a corridor or walkway, sneaking through a garden trying not to be seen. He's lit from below. He's maybe a little nervous. His eyes suddenly bulge. Every. Single. Movie. (Maybe)

Anyway, here it is. Not absolutely convinced I got the likeness down, so I'd appreciate feedback.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

X-Rock: Beast

Only a couple more elements to go before X-Rock is done. Behold...

Hank McCoy, the Bangin' Beast!

Thursday, 15 September 2011



I originally set aside tonight for working on a long-term project, but more immediate concerns took over and I thought building my gallery would be a better idea. Keeps things fresh. Behold, my first ever drawing of Superman!

This is the kind of work I'm offering on my commissions page (see up top), so if you look at this and go "Cooooo! Lawks! Spiffy!" then just think how much your wall would thank you for one of your own...

Today's update brought to you by Lucozade, M&Ms and Beck. "One by one, I'll knock ya out!"

Monday, 12 September 2011


Before I started Bames Jond I was putting together a plan for a very different webcomic. I still may do this, as it's based on a whole bunch of characters my brother Ben and I created when we were kids and it was by far the most anarchic, ridiculous and violent thing I've ever done. Back then, it was called The Smellball Comic and it was very much like The Beano or The Dandy or Whizzer and Chips, but with a great deal of death and mutilation. Recently, I chose the name Norkons which was the town the characters all lived in, as it allowed for Smellball himself to not have to be the focus.

Here is the first test strip I did. It's a bit rough as I was experimenting with a way to retain the childlike style but using digital tools. If I go ahead with the project long-term, I think it'll be pencilled and inked traditionally as I don't particularly like the result of this strip.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Commission window is OPEN

Hard times call for hard work. All the long-term planning in the world isn't going to buy food this week, so it's time I offered commissions. If you're interested, you can get in touch with me in any number of ways but e-mail is preferred ( It would also be a big help if this were to be shared on your preferred social networking site!

The price list is as follows:

Sketch cards (style as above): $12 each, or 8 for $80
Sketch cards will be sent by mail. Payment will be required prior to mailing, upon client's receipt of a jpeg scan showing the art in question.

Geo portraits (high-resolution digital file delivered via e-mail plus the original sketch by mail): $75
A $25 deposit is requested upfront on these pieces. The remaining balance is payable on receipt of a low-resolution JPEG file, after which the high-resolution TIF file will be e-mailed to the client's nominated address.

Digital non-portraits (high-resolution digital file delivered by e-mail): $125
A $55 deposit is requested upfront on these pieces. The remaining balance is payable on receipt of a low-resolution JPEG file, after which the high-resolution TIF file will be e-mailed to the client's nominated address.

Bean Men (high-resolution digital file delivered via e-mail plus the original sketch by mail): $25 each
Payable on receipt of a low-resolution JPEG file, after which the high-resolution TIF file will be e-mailed to the client's nominated address.

Other commission types will be considered, so please e-mail for a quote.

DISCLAIMER: These commissions are offered for personal use only and should not be used to promote or advertise any business or event. Commercial rates are available upon request via Unless specifically requested by the client during the commission process, I will display these pieces in my online galleries (albeit at a lower resolution) and in my portfolio. Prices are not inclusive of postage costs, which will be determined by the size and weight of the package. Physical artwork will be protected before sending to avoid damage en route. While I will make every effort to ensure your artwork is received intact, I cannot be held responsible for any or loss of items or damage sustained in transit. Payment through PayPal would be preferred, but if this is not possible please contact me for details on other methods. Careful, that coffee's hot.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

X-Rock: Nightcrawler

Ladies and gentlemen, on lead guitar...

... the one and only Kurt Wagner!


Finally, an image which combines my love of 70s muscle cars, the black/white/orange colour scheme and vector graphics. I've wanted to do this for some time.

Considering making this an official Jam-Wah t-shirt, which may or may not be available at Thought Bubble in November. I suppose it depends on whether anybody likes it.

2000AD Covered


Recently, I had a job which was a 'drop everything' deal, hence my lessened activity around these parts. I had to be all mysterious about it, but apparently it's now been announced so here goes...

I just got gosh-darned published by 2000AD. After a fashion, at least. Basically, my frequent collaborator Grant Perkins contacted me with an offer I couldn't refuse. Rebellion wanted us to work for them. "I refuse!" said I (as if). It's a cover to a collection of Future Shocks stories by such comics legends as Grant Morrison, Kevin O'Neill, Brian Bolland, Steve Moore and... well, you can see in the image with your eyes.

Grant provided the pencils and the muscle, I provided the colours and the dance moves.

In the immortal words of TimeLife, "you can't buy it in the shops". Only 2000AD subscribers get a copy, so it's an investment on your part if you go for it, but you get some fine comics and when I die spectacularly at the hands of a Nazi shark while heroically defending the realm, it might be worth something.

Looky looky, senator! Mesa logo is on 2000AD cover. Is all bombad!

Scan is from 2000AD Prog 1750 (on sale 7th Sept) - provided by Pete Wells

I'm going to check whether it's cool to show the various stages of the creation process in a future blog entry for anyone who's interested.