Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fun with 3D

If there's one buzzword in the entertainment industry right now, it's "3D". I guess it's not technically a word in its own right, but SHUT UP.

Anyway, why should Hollywood have all of the fun? Obviously, the technology to create Real-D work is beyond the reach of us mere mortals and our piffling, sad little wallets, but I believe the old version from the '50s was fun, yeah? Anyway, monster b-movies are better than CGI epics, so old 3D (known as stereoscopic) is the cool one.

A quick Google search brings up a number of tutorials on creating the stereoscopic effect. Some are based on photographic work, some on simple illustrations. I've been experimenting with the different methods using older artwork which I've chosen on 'pop' potential and depth of field criteria. In fact, it's made me realise how few images I've created with real depth to them. C'est la vie. The first is based on Transformers: Animated and the second is Zombrecht, from the Hex Heroes project completed this spring.

Now, I'll admit to not having in my possession a 'proper' set of stereoscopic glasses to view these, but I'm nothing if not a master of ingenuity and so I crafted my own. The A-Team would be proud. Broken specs, red marker, blue marker. Bish bash bosh.

So... how successful were these experiments? My eyes are now totally screwed from playing with red and blue for hours, so I'm relying on YOU to tell me. No, not you, sorry. I meant the person behind... not... y-- the one with the brown hair and glasses. Yes, YOU sir/madam!

(Basically... you).

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