Saturday, 30 April 2011

More art and plans

Why, hello there!

Poor blog, I am such a neglectful swine. I promise to keep you updated more often. Truth is, I'm a little caught up in househunting and putting together business plans at the moment and, although it's all intended to benefit my career (such as it is), it's currently precluding me from regularly updating my various online ports.

One thing I'm keen to do is to expand my skill set somewhat. I like experimenting and recently it's been fun working in other mediums. You may have noticed that my work is a very clean vector style for the most part. It's my stock-in-trade. While that's fun and seems to be going well, there's nothing wrong with taking a leaf out of David Bowie's book and being an artistic chameleon, right?

With that in mind, I present a... unique... piece of art. The genesis of the idea came from an amusing thought I had after misreading 'Sick Puppies' on a CD cover.

Sick Puppet. Media: Old sock, gel pen, marker, cotton wool, misc food items, wrapping paper, Photoshop.

I apologise if it's a bit vile.

Things on the horizon include a possible table at Thought Bubble '11 at which I intend to sell prints of some of my pieces. Maybe a few Hex Heroes badge buttons and stickers, possibly the big Hex Heroes poster will debut there; also one of my 'Windows' series, Crash. I'm currently beavering away on a few other pieces which will hopefully make an appearance. Of course, I'll be doing commissions on the day as well.

That's all for now, but very soon I'll update with a total of how much money was raised by 24 Hour MONSTERS! on Red Nose Day. There are still a few pieces of art left to auction which are some of the very best submitted. News on that first, I guess!

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