Monday, 4 April 2011

Bug Nut!

Yeah, the winner of the Hex Heroes 2nd tie-break by a margin of one vote (I'd say that it was a close-run thing, but since it was a very short poll, there was only one vote overall!) was indeed...


That completes the interactive section of the Hex Heroes project. I'd like to thank everyone who suggested a name and everyone who voted or took the time to help promote this whole thing, from February 2010 until today. It's humbling to see that it matters, even a little, to some of you.

What's next? Well, it's time to put some meat on the bones. That is to say, I'll be looking at ways to apply the characters to different kinds of products. Calendars, playing cards, vinyl toys, t-shirts, posters, stickers and coasters are all under consideration. It's not a case of slapping the art on anything I think will sell, it has to be cool and something that would be a worthwhile purchase.

I'm putting together a poster with all 52 Hex Heroes at the moment, so that will be the (possibly limited-edition) debut product.

There are a few of the characters that I'm less than satisfied with, so I'm going to go back and make a few tiny tweaks to improve the quality (mostly alignment and smoothness of curves issues), but, never fear, they will still be the Hex Heroes you named.

Onwards and upwards!

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