Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hex Heroes late March: vote results & tie breakers

What were intended to be the final batch of polls closed on 21st March, with a couple of issues...

Two tie breakers!

The results otherwise were:

Hex Hero 47: Maus
Hex Hero 50: The Silicon Valet
Hex Hero 51: Eileen de Muerta
Hex Hero 52: Gas Lamp

All results are collated from both the polls here and on my DeviantART page. The two tie breakers are as follows:

Hex Hero 48: Something's Fishy Dude or Frank
Hex Hero 49: Bug Nut or Jet

Polls are going up ONLY ON THIS SITE for 24 hours. Help the last two Hex Heroes find a name!

Here they are again.

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