Sunday, 6 March 2011

The final six - YOU NAME 'EM!

Ladies, gentlemen, pigeons and giant squid... the end is upon us.

Since the end of February 2010, I've been designing Hex Heroes. Originally intended as a series of 60, for a variety of reasons I changed that to a grand total of 52 (although there will be 8 very rare specials coming soon) and though there was a hiatus, here we are with the last six finally unveiled.

As per the process which has been ongoing since the very first character, I will not name these guys. I leave that job to you fine people. I post the characters here, on my DeviantART account and at my Facebook Page so feel free to suggest names in any one of these places. Next Sunday, I will post the final six polls both here and on DeviantART and compile the votes to find the winning names. You have a week to come up with the best names you can for these guys. It's the last time I'll be doing this, so please spread the word. It'd be nice to close the project with a bang!

So... here they are!






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