Monday, 21 March 2011

24 Hour MONSTERS! - update

Well, how about that? On Friday, 18th March I sat at my desk and drew monsters for 24 hours straight. All in all, I drew six monsters and the videos of this process are all available to view here.

That wasn't all. There were other artists involved in the live drawing...

Andrei Neagu, Gav Heryng and Ben Holliday

... and many artists contributed by donating artwork, both existing work and specially created for this project. Artists include Dylan Teague, Mike Bunt, Simon Williams, Grant Perkins, William Blankenship Jr, Fernando Lucas,  Guy Warley, Stevyn Colgan, Chris Howker, Nick Pitarra, Jason Copland, Jason MayEvin Westonand Mike Mottershead.

There should more to come, too!

All of this is listed on eBay to raise money for Comic Relief. The earliest auctions are due to end on March 22nd, but at present, I think none of them are bringing in the amount they're worth. Please consider bidding on these fantastic pieces of art and you get to feel great about helping a good cause!


You can still donate to the team, even if you don't want to buy art (you insane person!)


And now a list of thank yous to the people who kept me sane throughout the 24 hours by spreading the word and being damn good company, and to those who donated money to this point (apologies if I forget anyone):

Sue Roberts, Lisa Roberts, Ben Roberts, Laurie Wilsher, Tracy Spencer, Rory Roberts-Spencer, Nikita Spencer, Danny Neighbour, Jill Neighbour, The Neighbours' Kids, Eva Perkins, Gav Appleby, Ryan Dench, Dave Warley, Nicholas Myers, Dave Swan, Mike Harman, Dan Hill, Iain McCullough, CheekeeChappee, Dwight MacPherson, Chris Bachalo, Dane Ault, Haroon Mushtaq, Neill Cameron, Jamie Smart, Eric White, Robert Carey, Annette Waller, Christopher Mount, Donna Holliday, Victoria Roe, Rebecca Dudley and I'm sure there are more! Not forgetting a massive thank you to all of the artists, some of whom joined me for a chat in the wee small hours. That was good stuff!

Oh, and I'm going to do this again. Not sure when yet, but I'll let you know. In case... y'know... you want to help!

My pieces...

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