Saturday, 19 June 2010

Break from the norm - COMMISSIONS!

Hey hey!

I know I kind of swore off doing work-for-hire to concentrate on my branded products, but in order to get somewhere in that regard, I need capital to invest. Not quite being in the strongest position right now, I'm starting an indefinite stint offering commissions.

I'll consider all requests so it can't hurt to ask. I'll advise you now, my best work comes from fantastic ideas.

So what am I offering? For the most part, I imagine it'll be vector work, as it's my bread and butter. However, I'll also happily consider sketchcards, pencil or pen-and-ink sketches, watercolours, logo design... you name it!


Vector character (digital only): $30
Vector character (with mailed pencil version): $40
Vector scene (digital only): $60
Vector scene (with mailed pencil version): $80
Sketchcard (pencil): $5
Sketchcard (inked): $8
Sketchcard (colour): $10
Pencil sketch (headshot): $20
Pencil sketch (full body): $35
Inked sketch (headshot): $30
Inked sketch (full body): $45
Ink and watercolour sketch (headshot only): $40

This is by no means everything, but if you have a more specific request, send me a message!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tie-break result, and new Hex Heroes!

While the rest of the world is gripped by World Cup fever, the Hex Heroes keep on coming!

Happily, although no votes cam in on this blog, the tie-breaker for Hex Hero 13 was decided on DeviantART by a margin of one vote (4-3). The winner was...


So now that's out of the way, we can get a look at the new guys. Four new Hex Heroes for you to name! Here they are:

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Latest results - tie breaker coming up!

First of all, thanks for the great turnout for the Hex Heroes voting this time around. Between this site and DeviantART there was a definite jump in numbers and I really appreciate it.

Without further ado...

RESULTS (complied from here and DeviantART)


Hogar: 4
Tomak the Furry: 5 --- WINNER!
Mostly Harmless Ball: 0


Ted: 5
Amphibian Vampire: 0
Bludtak: 3
Hagfish: 7 --- WINNER!


DiscoRobot: 0
Grill Face: 1
Ironchops: 5 --- tie break!
The Grater: 2
Sir Griller: 2
The Blackest Knight: 5 --- tie break!


Gloss Hero: 1
Professor Scorpius: 8 --- WINNER!
President Evil: 4


Mr Tasty Burger: 4
Fast Fright: 2
Roburger: 2
Mutant Meat: 5 --- WINNER!
McDie-nalds: 1


Ax Face: 1
The Cursed One: 2
The Lobotomist: 11 --- WINNER!


Dead Wire: 5
Zombrecht: 9 --- WINNER!

So there's going to be a tie break poll for number 33, between Ironchops and The Blackest Knight! I'll set this up tomorrow. In the meantime, all of the polls up to and including 27 are now closed. Thanks for voting! Don't forget to head over to the new Hex Heroes and suggest your character names!