Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hex Heroes: the halfway mark

On February 28th, the first of the Hex Heroes debuted on DeviantART. He later became known as Prong.

Since that date, there have been twenty-nine more. Eighteen of them have names. All in all, there have been 231 name suggestions between 28 of the characters. That's a humbling statistic, particularly when there's no association with an established intellectual property. Many thanks go out to everyone who's contributed so far.

There's still a way to go, of course. At this rate, the Hex Heroes will reach number sixty sometime around mid-April. Maybe earlier. Then, the whole gang will be present and correct, perhaps with a few enhancements here and there, in the form of a poster. This poster is already being prepped and laid out. The logo is being designed, and will be posted here as the development goes ahead.

The major part of this process is the naming and voting aspect. While, ideally, each character should have around ten name suggestions before going to the vote, it would be great to make at least eight. Despite the best efforts of all involved, the numbers are going down slightly. Not naming, but voting. That's the easy part, isn't it?!

Those of you would like to see this project finished on time, and hopefully would consider purchasing a copy of the poster and/or other merchandise that will be announced soon, please spread the word! When the polls go live at this very site, they'll have a strict deadline and there has to be a winner. The more votes we get, the more likely it is that a tie will be avoided.

And here's the art. Numbers 9 and 10 (which, confusingly, are the 29th and 30th in total. Keep up!)

Number 9
Number 10

Edit: added one more

Number 11

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