Sunday, 28 March 2010

Welcome to ze future!

Hello, fine folks of the internet.

For the forseeable future, this blog is going to be the home of the Jam-Wah work journal. It makes sense to consolidate the myriad efforts elsewhere in the great wide world and have some kind of base to work from. Preferably one which doesn't involve Facebook. Ugh.

So what is Jam-Wah, you may ask? Glad you care. Have a biscuit.

At the moment, Jam-Wah is a design studio with a staff of one. This is expected to be the case until the inevitable success leads to expansion, followed by world domination before the super-volcano erupts and it all becomes academic. This blog will be about many things, but mostly focused on design and illustration projects. Interactivity is encouraged, so feel free to comment and contribute in any way that seems appropriate (ie: don't send dead animals in the mail. That would be inappropriate).

The first project is something which has been ongoing for a few weeks now, but was sorely in need of a home base. The project is called Hex Heroes and will be ongoing for the first few weeks of the blog. An initial series of 60 illustrated cartoon characters will be collected and published in poster/print form. Right now, it's looking like being a 30" x 40" print. That's mostly because things look great when they're blown up and stuck on a wall.

The interactivity begins immediately. Each of the 60 characters will be named not by the artist but by the public. To make this democracy at its finest, after a short period the suggested names will be put to the public vote. That's you guys. You have the power, not He-Man. The first 15 have already been named using DeviantART's polling system, and a further 5 are up for voting right now. The rest of the votes will be hosted here. This means more than 10 options in the poll if need be, and no need to sign up for DeviantART just to get involved.

Without further ado, here are the characters up for grabs. You name 'em! Be sure to specify which one you're naming...

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3

Number 4
Number 5
Number 6
Number 7
Number 8